Delightful Days Learning Center – Child Care – Day Care – Serving the southeast suburbs of Dayton, Ohio which include Centerville, Kettering, and Bellbrook.


Infants and toddlers are constantly changing, and for that reason, a daily communication sheet will be kept for the parents to take home daily. On this sheet teachers will communicate if the child needs any supplies (clothes, wipes, formula, diapers etc). You will also be informed on your child’s feedings, diaper changes, nap times, and special activities your child was involved in that day.

For the pre-school program and school age program, a monthly calendar will be developed to help you talk to your child about what happened each day at the Center.

If at any time, you as a parent feel the need to talk with a teacher, please feel free to do so. However, understand that the teacher needs to make her priority the classroom, so it might become necessary to schedule a time for a phone conversation or personal conference. Regularly scheduled conferences will take place two times a year.

If any parent, guardian, or employee needs assistance with a problem at the Center, please see the Director.

There is a copy of the licensing rules in the break room for anyone to review.

Annual Parent Roster

A roster of the parent’s name, child’s name, address and phone number will be kept for each classroom. Parents may request that this information not be made public.

Open Door Policy

Parents are always welcome. You are encouraged to visit unannounced at any time. However, we request that you make the director aware of your presence in the building upon your arrival. Come and join your child at snack time or in an art activity. Children enjoy showing their parents “their” school and have a special time with their Mom or Dad. We strongly suggest parent involvement.

All teachers and staff are available to speak with parents/guardians upon scheduling an appointment. This will allow teachers to stay in ratio and give you the undivided attention required.

Quality Assurance
The best evaluation of the care that is provided your child is you. As the parent, you provide the accountability to the Center. DDLC hopes that on a daily basis, you assess the condition of the environment your child is surrounded in. Notice the Center’s appearance, the cleanliness, the indoor and outdoor safety issues, the interaction between the staff and children, and the appropriateness of the equipment supplies.

If you have any comments, concerns or questions, please contact the Director or Assistant Director in person or by phone.